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What’s Ahead – Technical & Intermarket Analysis View

Most of the blog postings I have done have been in a macro view on US equities (aka S&Ps) along with some intermarket analysis with a look at crude & gold. In foreign exchange (aka FX), due to its volatility … Continue reading

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Global Economic Slow Down: Bearish Tone in Commodites?

My previous post discussed the bearish tone in the equity markets, but there is also a bearish tone in commodities, particularly in oil & gold. It all translates to a slow down in the global economy.

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The Crude & SPs Correlation

2008 was the beginning of the credit crisis, but there was also a concern about the high price of crude.  Speculators were putting money to work in the commodity for several reasons:

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Bearish Outlook on Energy

The technical moves in energy today can make an additional case that energy is in a bearish state. First. let’s look at the energy ETF, XLE.  This past Friday, it broke through a support level, and broke a trendline.  Due … Continue reading

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